A little about me...

Welcome to our site, I’m Tonya Nisely. 
I'm the owner and founder of Life’s Encore Photography.  
I began my professional journey nearly ten years ago.
I have serious passion when it comes to the highest quality and design in portraiture. My home is decorated and filled with portraits of my precious family whom I love and adore. I love looking around and seeing all of the wonderful memories that have been captured through the years, those images are timeless treasures of those precious memories.

What I do...

I don't get caught up in fads, I have my own style and vision and I'm thankful that my clients love it, but I'm also here to design and create images that my clients love so I cater to them.
My husband, Jim and I have extensive experience in team and sports action photography and design.
Since 2009 we served the Butler area, until recently moving and opening our studio in Raymore, MO.
We are driven to perfection in beauty and craftsmanship, with a spirit of excellence in photography. I want to capture the joy and essence of our clients. 
When I’m not behind the camera I enjoy spending time with my husband Jim, of 32 years, our children and grandchildren, family and friends, also my dog Buddy, he’s truly my best Bud. 
As much as I love all the things I’ve just mentioned my greatest joy and comfort in life is my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for stopping by to visit my site and learning more about me. I love "Capturing Todays Moments for Tomorrow."
Life is precious and short, and it’s the biggest reason to capture your memories today.

What do you desire?...

If what you want and care about is the highest quality and service, created by people who are driven to perfection in ­beauty and craftsmanship with a spirit of excellence, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact me today.